Presentation of Association Amitié Maroc Sud Alsace


The association "Amitié Maroc sud Alsace", was born in 2011. Above all, it is a story of friendship between its founding members and, more generally, between two peoples. The association was born from the will of its members to actively engage in "living together". To highlight what brings us closer together and reflect on ways of combating intolerance, xenophobia and extremism, whether political or religious, by proposing a different perspective.

Since its creation, the association has sought to bring together people of all nationalities around cultural exchange. Today, it has nearly 60 members and benefactors, at the crossroads of three neighbouring countries: France, Switzerland and Germany.


Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world.

— Nelson Mandela


It is clear that education is understood in the broadest sense and is not limited to the school world, but on the contrary extends to all cultural and artistic exchanges around Franco-Moroccan culture. Our aim is to make discover the culture of "the other in different forms of expression, in its artistic, intellectual and social dimension, in order to promote dialogue between peoples and to reduce the fear of the unknown, of the" stranger "that leads to withdrawal into oneself and any form of extremism.

In order for these cultural exchanges to be visible, audible and therefore effective, the association immediately places them in the local, national and international cultural and social fabric. Our action in favour of education and training is naturally directed towards the younger generations, because it is through youth that we prepare the future.

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